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Low boost

Colorado Springs
United States
What I Drive
Just picked up a 2019 civic type r with 16k miles. I just noticed the boost are only peaking around 15 psi around 3-4k and tapering off to around 10psi at redline. I checked the charge piping on the right side of the motor and it all is attached correctly, and I checked the silicone charge piping right under the intake and it's free of any tears.

Everything on the left side seems like a lot of work to get to, I could see most of it with a flashlight but didn't want to mess with it so I made an appointment with Honda(the guy on the phone tried to convince me that amount of boost is normal for this car because of Colorado springs elevation of 6,000 feet) I wasn't having it though.

While I wait on my apt, anyone have any insight?